Brenna Zimpfer

Brenna Zimpfer is the Director of Admissions at Lumia. She is passionate about helping each student find the right coaching program for them. In her spare time, Brenna side hustles as a dance instructor and enjoys relaxing with her husband and her dog.

Samson Frederick

Samson Frederick is an Admissions Lead at Lumia. Dreaming with future coaches is what lights him up inside. Samson was a full-time yoga teacher for ten years. He and his partner Austin love to cook, relax and take weekend trips around the United States.

There's A LOT of coach training programs online, so how do you know which one is right for you?

This free, on-demand session will fill you in on exactly what to know about becoming a coach.


 In this 45-minute session, you’ll hear from Brenna and Samson on:

  • What coaching is, and how it differs from therapy or consulting
  • The difference between coach certification and credentialing
  • Job opportunities in the coaching industry
  • Lumia’s coach training program pathways, and which one is right for your goals


You’ll also get specific details about what the program entails, including:

  • An overview of the curriculum and what you’ll learn
  • The human faces at Lumia: faculty and fellow students
  • How long it takes to get certified
  • The logistics of how the training is structured
  • Homework and practice
  • What sets this community apart


(You'll also walk away with everything you need to make a change and start building a meaningful career in 2023.)


Curious about coaching? Researching coach training programs? New to Lumia? 


We've got you covered.


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